Break-free of limiting beliefs and thrive in limitless potential

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My name is Lynn Morgan Carpenter, and my mission at Live More Connected is to empower and enrich the spirit, while removing self-imposed barriers, so we may unite with our true-purpose and know, with utmost certainty, that all things are possible through trusting intuition, creating intention, and taking action. By enhancing the connection to self, we can break-free of limiting beliefs, and thrive in limitless potential.


The Live More Connected Community (LMCC) is an exclusive group of like-minded women who inspire each other to live a more-connected life, one that energizes your spirit! 

You are welcomed, no matter what age, or stage, of life you're currently in, and whether your desires are large or small, you're in the right place. 

The Live More Connected Community is a safe environment, specifically designed to inspire, nurture, and support you in living more connected to YOUR best life! If this message speaks to you, click the "Membership" tab above.

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If you are yearning to Live More Connect to your unique self, and align with your inner-calling this is for you!

Your inner-calling has been patiently & lovingly waiting for you to arrive and take action.

If you are ready to Live More Connected to your inner-calling this “Inner Calling Guide,” was designed specifically for you.

I believe YOU are here because you're aware of the need to expand and create positive change in your life, and you're looking for a meaningful experience and community support.

I'd love for you to check out my Live More Connected Community, and by doing so, the first session is on me. 

One of my gifts is to see and enhance the brilliance in others. I hope I get the opportunity to do this for you!  

Your life can be filled with limitless potential, and it’s literally waiting for YOU!