90-Minute Session - $225

Feel like you have a lot to cover? Schedule a 90 minute session to do a deeper dive into your questions and gain expanded insight. 

Step 1: Schedule your reading. Find a time that works for you, and if you can't find one, please reach out and we can find one that works for everyone.

Step 2: After scheduling, you will be directed to purchase your Intuitive Medium Reading. Complete purchase to secure your appointment.

Step 3: Look for a confirmation email from me. If you do not see one within 12 hours, please check your spam folder. And if you still don't see, please email me.

Step 4: Review "What to Except" during your reading below.

Moon Rabbit Wellness Center

Mid-Town Reno

225 West Taylor Street 

Reno, Nevada 89509

In -Person

Meet me in-person in my lovely suite at the 

Moon Rabbit Wellness Center in Reno, NV


I can hold readings from the comfort of your home. Just join me for a phone call, or a zoom session.

If you have any questions, please email me at lynn@lynnmorgancarpenter.com

How to prepare for your session

  • Before your session begins, set an intention on what you would like to gain from the reading. 
  •  If you have specific questions on a particular area of your life, write them down and bring them to the reading.
  • If you're hoping to connect with a loved one who has passed on, please send them a prayer or heartfelt request the day before your reading, asking them to be present if it serves the highest good and is possible at this time. 
  • Bring a pen and paper to take light notes. Have a glass of water, tea, or beverage of choice nearby to stay hydrated. 
  • Arrive on time to your session with an open heart and mind. This allows the energy to flow with more ease and creates a stronger connection to higher consciousness. 
  • I ask to only receive information during the reading that is for the highest good for all parties involved.
For In Person Sessions:
  • Moon Rabbit Wellness Center is a shoe-free environment. There is a rack as you walk in to leave your shoes. For ease, wear shoes that are easy to remove. Feel free to bring comfy socks. 
  • Parking: You're welcome to park on the street or in the parking lot on the corner of Plumas and Taylor.
What To Expect

Lynn's reading style is naturally upbeat and positive. Whether you’re going through a challenging time in your life or not, her intention during your session is to connect you to a higher understanding of what you’re currently navigating. Then she'll intuitively tap into the possibilities, opportunities, hope, and solutions that energetically surround you and the situations. 

During your session, Lynn will intuitively read the energy that surrounds you and the information that wants to come forward. Together we'll do a deeper dive into the areas of your life you desire increased clarity, guidance, direction, and healing. Additionally, if you'd like to receive messages from loved ones who have passed she can leave that door open in hopes for a connection during your session. 

Lynn's  commitment is for you to have a positive experience during your Reading. She hopes to see you soon!


What if I need extra support after receiving a Reading? 
After you receive an intuitive medium reading from Lynn, if you want further support to incorporate what you’ve learned into your life, sign up for one of Lynn’s life coaching packages. This is a great way to receive guidance and direction that’s uniquely and spiritually connected to you and tailored to your specific life needs, desires, and goals.

What if I don’t want to connect with loved ones who have passed? 
If for any reason you're not comfortable receiving messages from loved ones in spirit, please let Lynn know prior to your Reading. You can choose to have an Intuitive Energy Reading that only focuses on your current circumstances and receive intuitive guidance on next steps and new possibilities in your life.   

IMPORTANT: Please view the terms and conditions. You will be required to agree to them before purchasing, so I want to make sure you know where to find them. Thanks!

"The two readings Lynn did for me were awesome. Lynn was right on. She is a professional, gifted intuitive medium. We connected immediately. Lynn is such a kindhearted, pure soul. She genuinely cares! She is easy to talk to and passionate about her profession.
I loved that she recorded our sessions so I could listen to them again. In fact, I have listened to the recordings several times. Through the readings I have found peace and guidance."
— Sandy C.