Private Coaching

Lynn Morgan Carpenter

One of my gifts is to see and enhance the brilliance in others. I hope I get the opportunity to do this for you!  

As your coach, I believe all things are possible! Your life is filled with limitless potential, and it’s literally waiting for YOU! 

My method is to teach you how to trust your intuition, create intention, and take action in your life. 

I will lovingly guide, nurture, and support you to gain clarity, remove self imposed barriers, expand your inner strength, and confidently walk towards the life that calls for you. 

It’s time to connect the dots, and successfully live more connected to your unique life that’s defined by you.

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery session with me, and together let’s determine your next steps. 

Your life’s waiting for you to do the inner work, create inner peace, and find your joy. 

You can feel inspired, motivated, and energetic about your life again, and I’m here to help you.

Let’s connect!

If you are aware of the support you are currently in need of, and are ready to get started, book your private session by clicking on the button below TODAY!

I offer two unique, private, coaching sessions, which you'll see when clicking below. Choose the one that best suits your current needs and let’s jumpstart your journey.
Activate Your Inner Calling
This is the quickest and easiest way to jumpstart the journey of Living More Connected to your inner-calling. 

In this private, 1-on-1, call you can share, or ask me,  anything around your personal  journey, or share your personal conflict in finding your way to your inner-calling. I’ll assist you in gaining clarity, and perspective, on getting closer to living a life you desire. Together, we will determine your best next steps.
Intuitive Session
Sometimes, we just need some guidance to determine the path you should take, in any situation.
In this session, you’ll share what’s weighing on your heart, and mind, and intuitively, I will guide and support you to gain a fresh insight, with clarity and direction. 
Receive intuitive support, in a non-judgmental, and supportive setting that’s nurturing, safe, and most importantly, confidential. 
Allow me to be a guiding light. I’d be honored, and am only a click away..
"Working with Lynn has LITERALLY changed my life. I met her at my rock bottom. Her guidance and experience have slowly and consistently helped me become aware of and connect to a super loving place within. I have a growing sense of worthiness and confidence - things I’ve wanted to feel for myself my entire life. I feel safe and never judged by her. She supports me where I am and lovingly gives me the nudges I’ve needed to step into the incredible person I am today. I am forever grateful for the lessons I’m learning working with Lynn.  I haven’t wanted my work with her to ever end. Now with her Live More Connected Community, I don’t have too!"
- Michelle toll