Intuitive Medium Reading

Ready to heal and explore the next version of you?

It’s time to gain clarity and hope as you reach a deeper understanding of what you’re meant to do next in your life. 

Whether you want to navigate your future more clearly or are facing a hardship that you need guidance around, an Intuitive Medium Reading will give you access to higher consciousness and help you see things from a more informed perspective.

During your Intuitive Medium Reading, you may:

  • Receive answers to the questions that are surrounding you
  • Gain a clearer perspective on what to do next
  • Connect with past loved ones, if you desire and if they are available
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing and why
  • Gain clarity on a personal or professional relationship

Leave your session with 1-3 practical action steps based on what you’ve learned so that you can create positive forward movement and begin to experience progress. 

Optional: Your reading can include a digital recording available for download (at no extra charge) so you can revisit the information that comes through, giving you more time to process them.


Schedule your Intuitive Medium Reading now and gain a clearer perspective on what is happening in your life and what to do next


Feel like you have a lot to cover? Add 30 minutes to your session to do a deeper dive into your questions and gain expanded insight. 

Now Available!!

Gift a reading to someone you love so that they can experience the benefits of a 60 or 90 minute reading.
"From the beginning of the reading Lynn was spot on with what was going on in my day and then went even deeper. She was able to tap into the feeling of what had been happening over the last 4 years and everything that she hit on was accurate. My Dad came through and she was able to give identifying details about him to confirm it was indeed him. The messages she relayed from my Dad and other loved ones resonated with me and were things they would have said if they were in the room with me. Lynn is super tapped in and is wonderful to work with. Be open to what comes through, and you will have a deep and meaningful reading like I did! Thanks, Lynn, for being awesome!"
- Jennifer Poitras